Year 2

Autumn 1 - Coast to Coast


Join us for a trip to the beach on our ‘Coast to Coast’ adventure. We will be reading about Barry, the fish with fingers, and writing wonderful creative stories about life under the sea and poems about the seaside.  On our beach day we will make 3D fish, play beach games outside and enjoy a tasty ice cream! 

We will draw pictures of our favourite summer holiday, identify the key features of a beach and discover the countries and capital cities of the United Kingdom. 

We will also use the ‘Coast to Coast’ theme to help the children improve their ability to write sentences with capital letters, full stops and adjectives.

The children will also be able to get their dancing shoes on as we show our moves with different dances all linked to a day at the beach. Life is the beach for children in Year 2!


Mathematics Chest 
estimating and counting a number of objects up to 100 – ordering 2 digit numbers - number bonds to 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 - number bonds to 20 and 100 - doubling numbers to double 15 – properties of 2D shapes – Venn and two-way Carroll diagrams - using < and > signs - finding 1 and 10 more, or less, using the 100-square


Autumn 2 - Fire Fire


Watch out! There is a fire in Pudding Lane as we journey back in time to September 1666 to rediscover the Great Fire of London.  We will join Thomas Farriner and Samuel Pepys to find out how the fire started and look at why it spread so quickly.

We will discover what life was like in 1666 by using the internet and writing a report on the Great Fire.  The children will pretend to be eyewitnesses, like Samuel Pepys, and write a diary entry for the events of Monday 3rd September 1666. A trip to Aston Hall will further immerse the children into this exciting topic.

We will learn about the sequence of events of the Gunpowder Plot and understand why we remember, remember the 5th of November. The children will write exciting fireworks poems and then perform them to their class friends.  

We will also make brilliant 3D pretend fireworks to light up the classroom.  So come with us to the fascinating world of ‘Fire! Fire!’


Mathematics Chest 
ordinal numbers - place value using tens and ones – add and subtract 10, 20 and 30 to any 2-digit number - solve addition and subtraction problems using concrete and pictorial representations - position, direction and movement - measure lengths using uniform units - add near doubles to double 15 - add several small numbers spotting near doubles or pairs to 10 - count in 2s, 5s and 10s from zero


Spring 1 - Feeling Fit and Fabulous


It’s time for New Year’s Resolutions as we get ‘Feeling Fit and Fabulous’ in Year 2! So put down those Christmas chocolates and join us in exercising our way into the new year with indoor athletics in PE.

We will write instructions for making a healthy sandwich and look at the importance of food hygiene before making our healthy sandwich in class.

We will learn how to stay healthy and investigate healthy food choices in Science. The children will also investigate what food looks like under a microscope. We will write fantastic fruit riddles and ask you to guess what is being described from the clues.

Join Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole as we discover the changes they brought to nursing life. We will also find out about Louis Braille and learn about the invention of Braille. So let’s get ready to feel fit and fabulous!


Spring 2 - An Island Adventure


Let’s all go on an island adventure and join Katie Morag and her family on the Isle of Struay. We will be researching the author Mairi Hedderwick and enjoy reading her stories about Katie Morag’s life on Struay together.

We will become an author like Mairi and write our own Katie Morag adventure story; focusing on descriptive writing and story structures.

We will also identify the human and physical features of the Isle of Coll and compare island life with where we live.  In Science we will go on our own adventure as we become zoologists and go on a bug hunt around school and then record the data.

A trip to the RSPB to discover the needs of animals, birds and insects and explore different habitats will be a fantastic way to end our exciting topic. So get ready for an adventure! 


Mathematics Chest 
revise doubles and corresponding halves to 15 – odd and even numbers to 30 – recognise 1/2s, 1/4s, 1/3s and 2/3s of shapes - arrays - multiplication problems – begin to learn the 2, 5 and 10 times-tables – understand the relationship between seconds, minutes and hours - tally charts – pictograms – block graphs - make links between grouping and multiplication to begin to show division - use £.p notation


Summer 1 - Sun, Salsa and Sombreros


It’s time to enjoy the sun, salsa and sombreros of Mexico!  We will be learning all about this exciting country and start by looking at where it is in the world, its capital city and language. We will delve deeper into the country to the village of Tocuaro and compare life in this small village with our city of Birmingham. 

It will be time for the children to show off their creative skills as they will design, paint and decorate their own Mexican mask. Also, the children will be writing their own Mexico holiday leaflet and making posters with their friends to promote the country.

As well as this, we will be learning basic Spanish, such as numbers, colours and days of the week. Plus, to bring it to a finale, we will have a Mexico Day where the children will be able to come to school dressed in their Mexican clothes, listen to some Mexican music and enjoy tasting some Mexican foods. Yum! Yum!

In Science we will become young gardeners as we begin to grow our own tasty food in our Year Two vegetable plot.  Finally, we will be learning all about seeds and how to grow healthy plants.


Mathematics Chest 
order and compare 2-digit numbers - use < and > signs - introduce numbers 101 to 200 - count in 100s to 1000 - add and subtract 2 digit numbers - use doubles and number bonds to add three 1 digit numbers - find complements to multiples of 10 - understand subtraction as difference and find this by counting up – measure weight and capacity using standard or uniform non-standard units - find a quarter of numbers up to 40 - tell the time to 5 minutes on an analogue clock


Summer 2 - Raise the Drawbridge!


It’s time to raise the drawbridge as we journey back in time to discover all about castles. The children will become historical authors as they write their own information books about castles. We will design and draw the front cover, write a blurb and then each chapter will focus on a different area of choice, such as attack and defence.

Finally, we will add our contents page, index and glossary and enjoy our finished books together at reading time. We will go on a wonderful trip to Tamworth Castle and discover more about this Norman Castle and how it is one of the best preserved Norman motte-and-bailey castles in England.

Subsequently, the children will create their own coat of arms to go on a shield that they will make. In Science we will be collecting our own produce from the vegetable plot, putting on our chef hats and cooking up a wonderful healthy meal for us all to enjoy at our very own teddy bears picnic!


Mathematics Chest 
begin to understand that addition undoes subtraction and vice versa - add   three or more small numbers using number facts - count in 3s – begin to understand that division and multiplication are inverse operations - division problems - partition to add two 2 digit numbers - find the difference between two 2 digit numbers – place value in 2 and 3 digit numbers – telling the time using digital clocks