Year 3

Autumn 1 - Me, Myself and I


We will be starting off the year with our exciting topic, which will be focusing on ourselves and our own goals and targets. Our English theme is based around being a superhero and the qualities such a hero would possess. Therefore, we will be reading about the exciting adventures of ‘Traction Man’ and using our creative writing skills to make interesting setting descriptions and fun mini adventure stories of our own.

As well as this, during our Science lessons, we will be looking at the human body, how to keep ourselves healthy with a balanced diet and how our skeletons and muscles work. In addition, we will also be completing lots of physical skills such as swimming and multi-skills in PE and understanding how physical exercise can affect the body.

Next, we will journey back through time to investigate the start of human civilisation, as we look at the lives of early humans in the Stone Age and Bronze Age.

We will also be looking at how the start of life is celebrated within different religions by looking at different birth ceremonies. Finally, your knowledge can help your child, as they will be exploring and creating their own family tree and setting themselves some challenging targets for the year ahead!

As Traction Man would say, ‘it’s all in a day’s work for Year 3! ‘


Mathematics Chest 
place value – number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 - comparing and ordering numbers using inequality signs – adding and subtracting multiples of 10 - counting on and back in 1’s, 10’s, 100’s and 1000’s – rounding numbers to the nearest 10 - telling the time to the nearest quarter of an hour and nearest five minutes using digital and analogue clocks - properties of 2D and 3D shapes


Autumn 2 - Don't blame it on the Weatherman


As we head into the cold winter, we will be taking a geographical approach and your child will be learning about diverse weather phenomena, both locally and worldwide. Your child will become a roving, intrepid weather reporter and write reports on the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina and the impact it had on the inhabitants of America.

Their computing skills will be put to the test as they research these facts. Furthermore, we will be writing stories using suspense, as the children create story endings for a terrible flood which affects the school. It’s not all rain and storms though as the children enjoy the creative aspect of weather poetry using both instruments and onomatopoeia to bring weather to life!

The children will also be making their own weather dances in PE. As we creep further towards Christmas and the freezing weather, we will be heading on an exciting journey south to Antarctica and writing postcards home about the extreme weather conditions and the possibility of frostbite!

We will climb aboard the Polar Express to get us into the festive spirit and the children will not only be writing creatively about this magical journey, but they will also be using their art and design skills to recreate some of the special features from the story as well.


Mathematics Chest 
to recognise and measure units of length and capacity – order 2 and 3 digit numbers on a number line - to round to the nearest 10 and 100 – add using partitioning - use arrays to multiply and divide - divide using remainders - to subtract by counting up on a number line - to multiply and divide by 10 and 100


Spring 1 - Loveable Rogues


Ahoy there, it’s only our Loveable Rogues topic! You may know one yourself… but this half term we will be studying some famous loveable rogues.

We will set sail on our pirate ship voyage by reading about the adventures of the mischievous Horrid Henry. Throughout the topic, we will be comparing the stories of Henry and his friends, as well as writing a book review, creating character descriptions, making stories of our own and writing a school report for Henry.

Henry isn’t our only loveable rogue though! We will investigate what terrible tricks The Twits are playing on each other and create a few of our own, so watch out at home! We look at life on the seven seas and investigate the history and legends of famous pirates.

Shiver me timbers, we even get to meet a real life pirate called Captain Henry on our Inspiration Day! Your child will put their art and design skills to good use creating a treasure chest to fill with ‘pieces of eight’.

Why stop at the seven seas though? We continue following our explorers and adventurers into space where, in our Science lessons, we learn about the ‘Space Race’ and who was the first to reach the moon. 


Mathematics Chest 
adding using partitioning – recognise and sort multiples - doubling and halving – find equivalent fractions – calculate fractions of amounts – properties of 2D shapes – identifying right angles – measuring the perimeter of simple shapes - subtracting by counting up – using subtract to calculate change from £5 -column addition using the expanded method – telling the time to the nearest five minutes and minute using analogue and digital time



Spring 2 - All Creatures Great and Small


Have you ever heard of an enormous rhinoceros escaping from the zoo and eating a child’s parents? Our English focus for this half term is based on the book ‘James and the Giant Peach’ by Roald Dahl, where this event actually happens!

We will be looking at the story and creating descriptive writing, character descriptions, play scripts, shape poems and instructional writing. Of course we will also be trying some peaches in order to bring our descriptive imagination to life. A giant peach is not the only massive object we will be studying. In History, we will be learning about species of dinosaurs, their characteristics and their habitats.

Imagine walking with dinosaurs! We will be doing this during our visit to Thinktank. Our Art and Design will be based on creating some colourful and stunning dinosaur collages and paintings too. I hope you are feeling hungry, as we will be cooking up a storm with our dinosaur biscuits! 

To complement this, in Science will be looking at different types of rock, soils and fossils. We will test them and learn about their different origins, as well as creating a fossil of our own! 


Mathematics Chest 
multiplying numbers using the grid method – divide numbers mentally with no remainders – divide numbers mentally with remainders – draw and interpret pictograms and bar charts – estimate and weigh objects to the nearest 100g – comparing and ordering weights – converting between different units of measure – adding two 3 digit numbers using mental strategies – add using expanded column addition – column addition using the compact method 


Summer 1 - The Courageous Celts and Ruthless Romans


Would you rather battle with Boudicca or enlist in the Roman army? We will explore the fascinating way life has changed throughout history by writing reports on life in the Iron Age and discovering all about Celtic homes, jobs and becoming a fierce warrior.

Then we will progress into the ruthless era of the Romans who invaded Britain. The children will become the Emperor for a day and persuade people to join their army to take over Celtic Britain. They will also describe what life would be like within a Roman settlement by creating setting descriptions and character profiles.

In addition, they will put their persuasive and artistic skills to use by advertising the amphitheatre and becoming convincing estate agents to encourage people to buy a new Roman villa. Finally, they will step into the role of Romulus and Remus and describe in their diary entry how Rome got its name. Although we will be learning about life as a Roman soldier, imagine how much fun it will be to become one for the day!

We will visit Lunt Fort and learn how to battle with shields and swords, hopefully the Emperor will give us the thumbs up for our efforts! We will create some beautiful Roman mosaics and learn about Roman numerals. Plus, we will learn about Roman gods and goddesses and how they influenced the lives of the Roman people.


Mathematics Chest 
telling the time using analogue and digital clocks – calculating time lapses - timing activities - order 3 digit numbers on a number line - subtract by counting on using a number line - doubling and halving - multiplying using the grid method - equivalent fractions - adding and subtracting fractions - ordering fractions - multiplying using multiples of 10


Summer 2 - The Super Saxons and Victorious Vikings!


Finally, set sail on an astounding historical voyage into the Saxon invasion of Britain. Here the children will become amazing archaeologists who will investigate and make detailed reports on some of the evidence and historical objects that have been found in Britain.

Plus, we will be writing descriptively about what daily life would have been like during this time period. In addition, we will write newspaper articles about the famous site of Sutton Hoo.

In order to study the whole of Britain, we will also head north and research the Picts and Scots to observe who else was living in Britain at the time of the Anglo-Saxons. Following on from this, we will take a more mythological approach as we explore the life and culture of the Viking settlers.

We will write character descriptions, poems and stories about the Norse gods including the mighty god Thor. The children will learn about Viking long boats and put their design skills to use as they create their very own version of one! Whilst looking at these periods in history,

we will also investigate the spread of Christianity and how this caused problems for the Viking settlers. 


Mathematics Chest 
name and draw horizontal, vertical, perpendicular, parallel and diagonal lines – find angles and symmetry in 2D shapes - measure the perimeter of 2D shapes - tell the time on analogue and digital clocks to the minute - begin to tell the time 5/10/20 minutes later - divide with and without remainders - recognise tenths and equivalent fractions - find one-tenth and several tenths of multiples of 10 - column addition - subtract 3-digit numbers using written and mental methods - find change using the counting up method