Our Governors

Below you can see the Governor setup at Calshot Primary School.

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Governing Body of Calshot Primary School


Governor Name  Type of Governor Chair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC) Committee Chair Achievement and Curriculum Committee Member Staffing and Finance Committee Member Health, Safety, Buildings and Welfare Committee Member Connections to Staff Yes or No if Yes, Who and How Term of Office End Other School Governor Posts held.                  Name of School & type of Governor Business Interests declared (Yes/No) If yes please state Attendance at full governing body meetings 2016-2017 Attendance at committee meetings 2016-2017
Dharmesh Rajput COP CHAIR No Yes Yes No No 18/09/19 None None 100% 88%
Vacancy PAR   No No No No No   None None    
Wayne Simner HT   No Yes Yes Yes No   None None 100% 100%
Rebecca Edwards COP   No No Yes No No 12/03/20 None None 100% 33%
Cllr Jon Hunt LA   Yes  (S&F) No Yes No No 02/07/20 None Yes - BCC,  Englemed Ltd 67% 100%
Alric McCabe COP   Yes (Ach/Curr) Yes No Yes No 21/06/18 None None 100% 100%
Mary Greening COP   No Yes No Yes No 21/06/18 None None 100% 100%
Jonathan Hemmingway STA   No Yes No No No 03/11/18 None None 83% 67%
Michael Wingrove Associate   No Yes Yes Yes No 21/06/18 Trustee, Holy Trinity Primary Academy None 100% 92%
Nikki Jones PAR VICE CHAIR No Yes No No No 14/10/19 None None 80% 100%
Heena Patel COP   No No Yes No No 01/10/20 None None 0 0
RESIGNATIONS 16/17                        
Michaela Hawthorn COP   No  No No No No 18/09/19 None None    
Dorcas Marshall COP   Yes No Yes No No 21/06/18 None Yes - indirect EFA    
Yasmin Kausar PAR   Yes No Yes Yes No 30/01/18 None None 60% 88%


LA - Local Authority appointed
PAR - Parent Governor - elected by parents
STA - Staff Governor - elected by staff
COP - Co-opted Governor appointed by the Governing Board
HT - Head Teacher
Associate Member - appointed by the Governing Board

Updated 14/3/17 - C Handley - Clerk to Governors